11/30/2017 18:00

Today’s Heroes

Sticking Their Necks Out For the Common Good

30 November 2017 – 6pm

Panel discussion with the founder of the Giraffe Heroes Project, journalist, author and passionate democrat, Ann Medlockand her husband John Graham, Director of Giraffe Heroes International.

Also in attendance Thomas A. Pilscheur, Roger Meier,
Giraffe Heroes Foundation, Basel // Louis de Cordier, Mataha
Foundation // Emmanuel Goetschel

Music Stefan Abels, Piano, «The Sound to Courage – Courage to Sound»

Philosophicum Ackermannshof, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 21, CH-4056 Basel

Doors open at 6pm, event lasts till 9.30pm, free entrance (donations welcome)


For well over 30 years now the American nonprofit organization the Giraffe Heroes Project has honoured almost 1500 compassionate risk-takers who are largely unknown but who have stuck their necks out to end poverty, violence, corruption and exploitation, some even putting their lives at risk to do so.

The project started 1982, developed fast and attracted the attention e.g. of the «Time Magazine» as well as of the Bertelsmann Foundation, who nominated «Giraffe Heroes Project» in 2007.

Giraffe Heroes expands its engagement in Europe with the newly established Giraffe Heroes Foundation in Basel, Switzerland.

As a «social entrepreneur» Ann Medlock is the initiator of the «Giraffe Heroes Project». She has developed teaching books and wrote speeches for the Aga Khan, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the 70s.

John Graham, a former adventurer and war journalist, graduate from Harvard and Stanford, persued a high flying career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer before breaking with all of it.

Louis de Cordier, artist, adventurer and founder and driving force of the Mataha Foundation, which in 2008 discovered the Lost Labyrinth of Egypt at Hawara. His project Biblioteca del Sol in the Sierra Nevada, Spain aims to transcend the humanly possible.

Organizer Giraffe Heroes Foundation, Basel

www.giraffe-heroes.eu, info@remove-this.giraffe-heroes.eu, 061 535 79 09


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